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Born 1838
Died 1867 of Yellow Fever and is buried in St. Vincent Cemetery, Houston,Texas.

Hero of Battle of Sabine Pass during the Civil War.

Major Michael Looscan

Major Michael Looscan
Born 1843 Ireland
Died 1897 Houston,Texas

Confederate Officer-Hardeman's Regt. Texas Cav., 1st. Regiment, Arizona Brigade. Enlisted as a Major.

The FIRST TEXAS CAVALRY REGIMENT, ARIZONA BRIGADE, was formed on February 21, 1863 as a result of Special Order #81, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, which directed that the First Cavalry Battalion of the Brigade, commanded by Lt. Colonel William P. Hardeman, be consolidated with several independent cavalry companies to form a regiment. Hardeman was commissioned as Colonel of the new Regiment. Other field officers were Lt. Colonel Peter Hardeman (brother of the regimental Colonel who would replace his brother as Colonel), and Major Michael Looscan. After Peter Hardeman took over as Colonel, and Looscan resigned as Major, Edward Riordan became the Lt. Colonel, and Alexander P. Terrell became the regiment’s Major.

Later he was a lawyer and county attorney of Harris Co.,Texas.

Michael married ADELE LUBBOCK BRISCOE, daughter of Andrew and Mary Jane (Harris) Briscoe of Harrisburg, Texas.

He is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Houston,Texas.


John Sessums

Born 1850
Died July 7,1928 Houston,Texas

Only drummer for Houston Light Guard.
Buried in Collage Memorial Park Cemetery.


Manuel Lorenzo Justiniano de Zavala y Saenz
Born October 3, 1788
Died November 15, 1836

Died at his home at De Zavala Point and buried in the family plot. The cemetery was eroding into the Houston Ship Channel and the graves were reintered at the San Jacinto Battle Grounds.


Jesse Holman Jones
Born April 5, 1874
Died June 1, 1956

Was a Houston, Texas politician and entrepreneur. He served as United States Secretary of Commerce from 1940 to 1945. His most important role was to head the Reconstruction Finance Corporation (RFC), (1932–45), a federal agency originally created by Herbert Hoover that played a major role in combating the Great Depression and financing industrial expansion in World War II.[1]] Jones was in charge of spending US$50 billion (US$610 billion in today's terms), especially in financing railways and building munitions factories

Jones is buried in Forest Park Lawndale Cemetery.


John Kirby Allen

Born 1810
Died 1838

Was born in Canasareaugh, near Syracuse in the U.S. state of New York. He, along with his older brother, Augustus Chapman Allen, founded Houston, Texas in 1836. John Kirby Allen was never married. He died of congestive fever on August 15, 1838, and was buried at Founders Cemetery in Houston.


John Farmer

Born February 21, 1842
Died March 22, 1936

Resided at Lynchburg, Harris County, TX in 1860; occupied as a farm laborer.
Described as 5'11" with dark hair, light complextion, and blue eyes.
Mustered into Company K at Houston, TX on September 7, 1861.
Suffered gunshot wound to leg at Murfreesboro, TN on July 13, 1862, and left in the area to recover.
Discharged in January 1863 due to his four battle wounds to his left leg.
Applied for Confederate Pension (Texas #50233).
John Farmer was a Harris County Commissioner Pct 2, 1890-1893. Resigned to become County Treasurer for the years of 1894, 1895, 1897, 1899, 1900, * term changes to County Treas Office: 1902, 1903, 1905. Ref. Houston City Directories, etc.
~ Trevia Wooster Beverly, Houston

Resided at Houston, TX in 1902, at time he attended Terry Ranger reunion.
Attended Terry's Rangers reunion at Houston, Texas in November 1908.

Buried in theWestcott Cemetery in Houston,Texas.


 John Henry "Jack" Yates

Born Jul. 11, 1828
Gloucester County
Virginia, USA

Died Dec. 22, 1897
Harris County
Texas, USA

John Henry (Jack) Yates, a vital community leader, first pastor of Antioch Baptist Church and founder of Bethel Missionary Baptist Church, who encouraged property ownership among black Houstonians;  Jack Yates (d. 1897) originally was buried in Olivewood cemetery, but was re-interred here after College Memorial Park Cemetery became operable.

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Tom Blue
b Ca. 1790
d July 17,1910
Bodyguard for General Sam Houston during the Mexican War.
Tom is buried in a unmarked grave, in the Harrisburg Negro Cemetery, Harrisburg,Texas.


Howard Robard Hughes, Jr.
Born September 24, 1905 
Died April 5, 1976

He was an American aviator, engineer, industrialist, film producer, director, philanthropist, and was one of the wealthiest people in the world. 

Hughes is also remembered for his eccentric behavior and reclusive lifestyle in later life, caused in part by a worsening obsessive-compulsive disorder. 

He is buried in the Hughes Family Plot at Glenwwood Cemetery in Houston,Texas.


Donnellan, Tim, buried in 1849.
A brother of Thuse Donnellan, who was killed by accidental explosion of bomb in 1866, and Mrs. Emily Donnellan, who died in 1867.
All buried in an old and forgotten vault in the bayou bank at the intersection of the Franklin Ave. and Louisiana St. Bridge; The remains removed Dec. 3,1901 to Glenwood Cemetery by Wall & Stabe Undertakers.
I have been to this site and it is still there under the Franklin St. Bridge. A large brick vault with a small door that is boarded up with timbers.
It's very creepy to see this, what a place to be buried! (George E. Wolf Jr., 1990)

There are some now who say that this is not the grave vault?


William Rabb was born Dec. 30,1823 in the Colorado River Valley,Texas. Willam was the second white male born on the Colorado in 1823.
His father (Andrew Rabb 1793-1869), Uncles and Grandfather William Rabb were one of Stephen F. Austin's Old Three Hundred Settlers in 1822.
William married Mary F. ? on July 28,1847 in Fayette Co.,Texas. Mary was born Dec. 1828, Ala.
His children as listed;
Sam b 1846?
Julia b 1847
Andrew b 1848
Thomas b 1851
Thea P. b 1859
Mary later died?
William Rabb during the Civil War was listed on a muster roll in Fayette Co.,Texas in Captain Z.M.P. Rabb's company, 13th day of Jan. 1863.
William moved to Chambers Co.,Texas around 1880 and married Prudence Risingen born June 3,1819, Ohio. She died in Harris Co.,Texas on Mar. 19,1896 and is buried in the Paker Cemetery, Baytown,Texas.
William moved to La Porte and died Nov. 26,1904 and is buried in the Cedarhurst Cemetery.


Located at Girard at Elder, Houston,Texas.

Under the old Jefferson Davis Hospital and other city buildings. Cemetery 1836-?.

 Confederate graveyard within cemetery now under firestation.

Only gravestones showing are the Super family.

At one time was a very large city cemetery.


The site is also said to be haunted.


Masonic Cemetery

Was located where Sam Houston Park is now in Downtown Houston,Texas.
3/4 acre, Holland Lodge No. 1, ca. 1847.
Most of the graves moved to Glenwood Cemetery.
This cemetery was destroyed because of the City of Houston,Texas.

Graves that were left are now located in the Glenwood
Cemetery in Houston,Texas.


Anson Jones
Born January 20,1798
Died January 9,1858

Last President of the Republic of Texas

Fatally shot himself on Jan. 9,1858 in the
Old Capitol Hotel in Houston,Texas.

He was 59 years old.

Buried in the Masonic Cemetery, when the
cemetery was to be moved, Anson's grave
was moved to Glenwood Cemetery.