Thursday, February 17, 2011


Donnellan, Tim, buried in 1849.
A brother of Thuse Donnellan, who was killed by accidental explosion of bomb in 1866, and Mrs. Emily Donnellan, who died in 1867.
All buried in an old and forgotten vault in the bayou bank at the intersection of the Franklin Ave. and Louisiana St. Bridge; The remains removed Dec. 3,1901 to Glenwood Cemetery by Wall & Stabe Undertakers.
I have been to this site and it is still there under the Franklin St. Bridge. A large brick vault with a small door that is boarded up with timbers.
It's very creepy to see this, what a place to be buried! (George E. Wolf Jr., 1990)

There are some now who say that this is not the grave vault?

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