Friday, February 18, 2011

Major Michael Looscan

Major Michael Looscan
Born 1843 Ireland
Died 1897 Houston,Texas

Confederate Officer-Hardeman's Regt. Texas Cav., 1st. Regiment, Arizona Brigade. Enlisted as a Major.

The FIRST TEXAS CAVALRY REGIMENT, ARIZONA BRIGADE, was formed on February 21, 1863 as a result of Special Order #81, District of Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, which directed that the First Cavalry Battalion of the Brigade, commanded by Lt. Colonel William P. Hardeman, be consolidated with several independent cavalry companies to form a regiment. Hardeman was commissioned as Colonel of the new Regiment. Other field officers were Lt. Colonel Peter Hardeman (brother of the regimental Colonel who would replace his brother as Colonel), and Major Michael Looscan. After Peter Hardeman took over as Colonel, and Looscan resigned as Major, Edward Riordan became the Lt. Colonel, and Alexander P. Terrell became the regiment’s Major.

Later he was a lawyer and county attorney of Harris Co.,Texas.

Michael married ADELE LUBBOCK BRISCOE, daughter of Andrew and Mary Jane (Harris) Briscoe of Harrisburg, Texas.

He is buried in Glenwood Cemetery, Houston,Texas.

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